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The Dragon's Teeth mountains rise through the mist near Yangshuo, in South China.
photo courtesy of Rico Flan is a succinct resource designed to aid those who wish to locate reputable information sources on ecotravel (a.k.a. eco-travel, eco-tourism, responsible travel, green travel, etc.) in Asian countries. This directory of hand selected websites is supplemented with search results from Google and topical information (newsfeeds) from various travel sources.

Resources included in the directory, below, are selected on the basis of content, not sponsorship.

EcoTravel in Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Dept.
  • Hong Kong Artifical Reef Project
  • Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation
  • Hong Kong Herbarium
  • Hong Kong Outdoors
  • Hong Kong Wetland Park
  • Hong Kong Tourism Board - Green Travel
EcoTravel in Mainland China
  • Chinese National Herbarium
  • Kunming Institute of Botany
  • The Nature Conservancy in China
  • South China Botanical Garden
  • Train Travel in China
  • UNESCO - World Heritage Sites
  • WWF in China
other resources

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